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The Music of Block Drop

All of the music in Block Drop is dynamically generated by computer using a fairly simple algorithm. The music is basically a combination of a random bass line and a random melody.

To create each part, a random cycle length (beats per measure) is chosen. Next, random notes are placed in random locations in the cycle. The number of notes in the cycle is determined by the amount of blocks on the screen at any given moment. A complicated block formation will be accompanied by "busier" music. As you play the level and remove more blocks, the music becomes sparser until the very end where the music is almost empty and silent.

The following is an example of an actual composition that was created by the Block Drop music algorithm (Notes are displayed in "Note:Octave" format):

Bass Line: Cycle length = 12  (9 seconds)
 A#:2 C#:3 F:2 F#:1C#:3   

[ Click to hear the bass line ]

Melody: Cycle length = 10  (7 seconds)
 C#:5G#:4F:4 D#:4    

[ Click to hear the melody ]

Combined together, this bass line and melody produce a unique composition. Since the cycle lengths of the bass and melody parts are different, they become out of phase as they repeat. The combined result is a cycle of music that doesn't repeat for 45 seconds.

[ Click to hear the finished product ]

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